15 February, 2008

A Valentine!

I got the best present for Valentines Day! A new niece. She was born at 4:04 in the morning after keeping her mommy up since Monday morning with contractions. She was 6#11oz and was 19.5" long and has bright red hair just like my sister. Her name is Alayah Corrin. Don't know where that came from... I haven't even seen pictures yet, and I'm feeling a bit impatient about that... I was supposed to go for the delivery, but naturally it was snowing and by the time she called I probably wouldn't have made it since it's at least a three hour drive. I only had one hour left of my shift at work (couldn't leave early since the ER was slammed) so I would have been lucky not to fall asleep driving too. We were planning on going to visit this weekend, but both of my boys have the stomach flu (there's a rather nasty strain of it in town right now we've seen tons in the ER) I don't really want to chance getting my sister or the baby sick, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

My other sister is scheduled to have a c-section on Monday. She doesn't know what she's having. Maybe it will be a boy. The balance of grandchildren is a little heavy on the girl side. The only boys are my twins, there are three girls now. My poor dad, first three daughters and no sons, then a bunch of girls for grandchildren. He loves Christmas shopping for my boys!

Knitting...I'll probably start on some baby stuff. I can't help it. I'm working on 9-5 socks for the Loopy Ewe KAL. I'm almost finished with the first one and I'm hoping I don't run out of yarn. There's still time to get in on the KAL. If you're on Ravelry search for it in groups and join us! I'm thinking about starting an afghan too. If I can get it done by the 26th... A really good traveling nurse at work is having to leave before her contract is up she has to leave due to a terribly ill mother in law. She's awesome and we'll miss her. She's hoping to be able to come back again, but I still want to do something for her. She's been incredibly kind and caring to everyone the entire time she's been with us, and she's always in a good mood and is tons of fun to work with.

What else am I knitting... I started on a Gathered Pullover from Interweave Knits and a Plain Vanilla Pullover from Knit Picks. Both for myself. I rarely knit anything other than socks for myself, so the sweaters will be a change. I have about two inches of the body done on each of them, I'll probably be knitting them next winter still.

My Loopy Swap partner Ellen got her package yesterday. She loves her Mingus socks and they fit her! I'm always so relieved when my swap partners get their packages and say they like them.

Time to go and do sick kid laundry and hang out the the poor little guys. My daughter doesn't have school today so she's home too- at least she isn't sick yet!


Your HSKS4 partner said...

Congratulations on your new Valentine!

I've ordered yarn to begin working on a Gathered Pullover of my own too!

Your HSKS4 partner

Julianne said...

Congrats! What a great present!