17 March, 2008

I Am Soooo Spolied!

Please ignore my inability to load photos in the correct order:)

I got my package from my Loopy Ewe swap partner Dawne on Friday. Oh my gosh did I ever get spoiled! The package got delayed by customs on its way from Canada but it was well worth the wait. I can't believe what a sweet swap partner I got.

Those would be my feet in the socks that Dawne knit for me in a really nice color of Lorna's Laces. How can you go wrong with Lorna's laces?
Here's part of the whole out of order photo thing. My Knight Bus socks are finished, been working on them forever. They're soft, squishy and warm.
OK, here's the picture I wanted to be first. The entire contents of my swap package from Dawne. Have I mentioned how awesome she is???

Broken down a bit so it would be easier to see, here is half-ish of the package. A box of many teas in cool little colorful pyramids (yum), some Burt's Bees hand salve which she even went so far as to consult with the people in the shop it came from to make sure I wouldn't break out (no rash- yay) She sent gifts for my kids, Hersheys Kisses, which sadly did not live long enough to be photographed, and a cool Canada Rocks puzzle for each of them. Plus the book A Field Guide to Knitting, some really cute point protectors that look like a hat and a glove, a cute little sheep button, a set of four Harry Potter bookmarks- one from each house, and chocolate. That's not even all...
The next half of my treats. Two different sock knitting patterns, a really cute sheep tape measure- the black one even! Some Tussah Silk for spinning, some really awesome roving from Spunky Electric, gorgeous sock yarn from Sock Pixie ( I can't wait to get it on my needles) Last but not least my very own hand knit socks! Look at the little label she made for them...plus she sent along the rest of the yarn in case I should need it. Even the note card she wrote on is beautiful!
My awesome socks- which I wore on Saturday of course!

Thank you a thousand times Dawne! You are a wonderful partner and I don't know what I did to get such a good one!


KTMay said...

Those socks are stinkin' GORGEOUS!!! Is that Black Purl? Wow! Lovely. You DID get spoiled, but you deserve it. What fun!

your hsks4 partner said...

Ooo, I hate looking here... I hope the HSKS4 package I've prepared for you will measure up!